ADD/ ADHD Coaching

ADD plays a large role in your everyday life. But living with it may not always be easy, as individuals with ADD often experience unique difficulties when meeting goals. Professionals and students with ADD are often highly intelligent with a potential for peak performance. In fact, many leaders have shown that through managing their ADD, they can maintain high levels of success.

Individuals with ADD can take steps to address negative symptoms and fortify their strengths through a number of different ways. Spheres Coaching is an innovative non-medical approach that can assist you in regulating your ADD, in addition to other methods such as medication.

Spheres Coaching offers clients comprehensive ADD and peak performance coaching services. ADD Coaching can help optimize your ability to focus, time and task management, and adaptive formation of new habits.



  • Increasing motivation and self-confidence
  • Improving concentration
  • Utilization of mindfulness skills (mental discipline)
  • Distraction management



  • Priority focus on tasks and deadlines
  • Maintaining calm
  • Building organizational skills
  • De-cluttering one’s life
  • Increasing follow-through on projects



  • Instilling health and exercise routines
  • Maintaining organization in work and life
  • Establishing good communication patterns
  • Creating adaptive rituals that increase productivity


New clients will participate in an initial session to establish desired outcomes and preferred approaches to managing ADD. Medical services are available for appropriate coaching clients within the state of Illinois. Outside Illinois, clients are evaluated in Chicago, but can then receive coaching services by Skype or Facetime. Out of state clients can obtain medication through authorizing the communication of Full Life staff with a local physician.

Through managing your ADD, you can successfully turn your attention deficit into a gift. With coaching tailored to your specific needs, your ADD can be addressed, resulting in greater success at work, life, and academic achievement.

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