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Peak Performance in Monogamous and Nonmonogamous Relationships

This article is a great overview of the many forms relationships take in America. The author deftly presents some of the ingredients for success commonly found in open relationships.

You may find you are uncomfortable reading this article because it contradicts some of your long-held beliefs. In any event, you may want to read it anyway because some of the ideas and results presented may be transferrable to any form of personal relationship. When satisfaction rises in a relationship, we often see a subsequent rise in engagement and productivity when an executive or professional is at work.

Some of the ingredients for success in an open relationship are described:

  • Honest discussions and frequent compromise
  • Secrets are best avoided
  • Agreed-upon parameters need to be in place
  • Harmony instead of disappointment and anger
  • Social and sexual compatibility
  • Religious beliefs need discussion
  • Listening is vital
  • Jealousy needs to be managed
  • Ongoing respectful negotiation

Think how you can raise the performance of your relationship in the next months. It does not require you to open up your relationship, but take a good look at the ingredients for success above for ideas.

Enjoy the day!


Article: Is an Open Marriage a Happier Marriage? by Susan Dominus. May 11, 2017, New York Times Magazine.

Liberty is the Inalienable Right of Mankind

Senator John McCain from Arizona reminds us of the importance of human rights expectations being a part our global business deals, as well as one of the vital traditions of our country. To break that tradition is both a breach of our nation’s history and “branding,” and may be a massive moral mistake.

The Senator states: “Our values are our strength and greatest treasure. We are distinguished from other countries because we are not made from a land or tribe or particular race or creed, but from an ideal that liberty is the inalienable right of mankind and in accord with nature and nature’s Creator.”

Enjoy the day!


Article: Why We Must Support Human Rights by John McCain. New York Times Op-Ed, May 8 2017.

Oscar Munoz Tries to Do the Right Thing as CEO of United

Oscar Munoz, the CEO of United spoke eighteen days after Dr. David Dao was assaulted on their jet and forcibly removed by law enforcement agents in Chicago. Mr. Munoz tried to repair the self-inflicted wound to the airline’s brand by declaring new policies including the following:

  • Passengers already boarded will not be forced to give up their seats (except for safety or security issues)
  • Law enforcement will no longer forcibly remove people from their seats
  • United increased the range of reimbursement for giving up seats to go as high as 10,000 dollars
  • United will not overbook flights to the extent they were previously
  • For lost bags, United will pay 1,500 dollars

Do you think this is enough of an apology? Can these new policies adequately make amends to the customers of United?

As CEO, Munoz is ultimately responsible for the policy that forcibly removed ticketed passengers from planes instead of simply keeping a few seats empty. It took a PR disaster for him to address this with the above corrective actions.

The business literature discusses a trend of airlines catering to those seated in the more expensive seats and those with more mileage and upgrades. I recently flew economy on a brand new American Airlines plane where the width of individual seating had been so reduced that my 13-inch laptop could not fit into the customary ample space on the back of the seat in front of me.

Therefore, Airline CEOs have their work cut out for them. Let’s see if they can return to the days when all customers mattered.

Enjoy the day!


United Takes Added Steps to Win Back Customers and Avoid More Ugly Events by Christopher Drew, New York Times, April 27, 2017

Leadership Wisdom in Long Term Relationships

The following tips on how to maintain a healthy long-term relationship are presented in this interesting article, and in another relevant TED talk from 2014, include:

  • Expect unpleasant change in the future of your relationship, so you can minimize any disappointment and then stay connected without feeling betrayed.
  • Expect to be pleasantly surprised many times by your partner and by life.
  • Gilbert’s research proves that much more change happens in every decade of life than most people expect.
  • When romantic feelings fade, don’t “follow them out the door.” Hopefully they will walk back in soon.
  • Never be afraid to impress each other.

Enjoy the day!


To Stay Married, Embrace Change by Ada Calhoun. The New York Times. April 21, 2017.

Gilbert, Daniel. TED talk, 2014, The Psychology of Your Future Self.

How to Make Candidate Selection More Effective

The following are the striking problems with standard job interviews:

·      Stakeholder impressions are frequently inaccurate, especially in free-form interviews that are currently the most frequent method of interviewing candidates.

·      Predictions of G.P.A. success are more accurate for candidates who are not met in-person and just examined by criteria.

·      Interviewers usually believe they that have an ability to choose the best candidate. Research actually reveals they are only good at choosing if they never meet the candidate.


·      Only use structured interviews so all candidates receive the same questions, which produces new hires with greater job success.

·      Also, testing job-related skills is valuable compared to random questions or chatting.

It sounds like many of us can follow some of these findings and recommendations, and then see if they turn out to be true.

Enjoy the day,


Article: The Utter Uselessness of Job Interviews by Jason Dana. The New York Times, April 8, 2017.

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