Aspiring for One Career, Choosing Another

A recent article on AOL News called “From Aspiring Actress to Economic Leader, Duke Says It’s ‘Personal’” explores how a person can shift careers out of necessity and wind up happy. Lack of opportunity for employment can force people out of their field, but it’s not always a crisis. Sometimes it’s an opportunity to switch to a more fulfilling and rewarding career. Your old career can be your new hobby, especially if you’re struggling in a competitive and creative field like acting, music, or art.

The article’s subject Elizabeth Duke started as an aspiring actress but was forced to start working in banking in order to make a living. She began as a teller and has since worked her way up to a Governor of the Federal Reserve. This is a great example: if an individual values income over passion, it may be sensible to convert passionate careers with low income potential into hobbies while pursuing a new career path with higher income potential.

Some things to ask yourself before jumping careers:

  1. What are the opportunities in your current passionate career like?
  2. What other careers could you pursue?
  3. What are advancement opportunities in the other career like?
  4. How could your previous experiences in your passionate career contribute to a new career?
  5. In what ways could your current career be pursued as a hobby?
  6. How can you pursue your passionate career and figure out how to make money doing it?

Sometimes life deals us a difficult hand with high unemployment rates in our chosen fields. It’s up to us to turn this into an opportunity preferably still make it work or decide to move onto a new path. I find clients who face the challenge and make their passionate choice work financially gets the highest grade. Compromises are fine too, though, and are a part of smart life choices as well.

What are your thoughts?


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