Foster Resilience and then Handle Your Stress Better and Faster

When faced with stress or things that make us worried (i.e. something about ourselves, others, or the world, etc.), our heart rate increases, breathing gets short, and adrenaline rises in our blood stream. Some people find anxiety motivating to get tasks and projects completed. However, if people stay in the aroused state for too long then overall performance decreases.
Interesting research (Stressed? Listen to Your Body, Gretchen Reynolds, NY Times, January 19, 2016) reveals that resilient people, such as professional athletes, are able to reduce their arousal response more rapidly than others after the stress is over. The researchers hypothesize that people who pay attention to their bodies are better at achieving a calmer state quicker and more effectively. Trends in research reveal that exercise, in general, especially working out with weights, may be very helpful in achieving this healthy calm. Cardio and flexibility exercise may help with this as well.

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