New Research Claims We Need Less Sleep Than Previously Thought

In past years, 7-9 hours has been the standard for the suggested amount of sleep per night by medical authorities. Jerome M. Siegel, one of the authors of Natural Sleep and Its Seasonal Variations in Three Pre-industrial Societies (Current Biology, Oct 15, 2015), reports new findings that people sleep naturally as little as 5.7 to 7.1 hours per night, and the average being 6.9-8.5 hours. Their remarkable finding is that sleep is temperature regulated. Sleep is maintained as the outside temperature falls and one awakens when the temperature stops falling. Prior to this amazing discovery, it was believed that light was the most important variable. The authors found most people went to sleep three hours after sunset and arose before sunrise.
This research is ground breaking. If these findings are validated, one idea I have is for people to use programmable thermostats like the Nest to gradually drop the temperature during the time period preferred for sleep and then stabilize the temperature at which they plan to arise.
How does this exciting research inspire you to optimize your sleep?


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