Building Resilience as Life Goes On

Apparently, we need to fortify our resilience throughout our lifespan – not just during childhood.

Life has positive surprises for each of us as well as unexpected challenges.  Life experience, including emotional regulation skills, actually may give older people an advantage over the young.  It is good to be prepared for stress, but apparently we can build capacity for resilience after a challenge occurs as well.

The recommended ways to foster resilience throughout one’s life span include:

  • Practice optimism and spend time with positive people
  • Reframe the stressful situation as possessing gifts or at least a new story for self and others
  • Don’t take things personally, some things just happen.
  • Recall your past successes and comebacks
  • Give support to others even while you are struggling
  • Expose yourself to stress to make yourself stronger over time, such as a marathon challenge, or a trip to an unfamiliar country.

What other ideas to you have to foster your resiliency?

Enjoy the day!


How to Build Resilience in Midlife

By Tara Parker-Pope, Well/Mind Column, July 25, 2017

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