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Announcing the beginning of a fresh new version of Full Life’s Amplifier™ Blog!

From now on, you will see frequent interactive blogs focusing on 6 Key Themes:

1) Business
2) Balance
3) Momentum
4) Possibility
5) Habits
6) Love

The new edition of the Amplifier Blog will broadcast ideas about our lives, our careers, and the world around us. Together, we will reflect on how we can bring our own unique vision to life and then actually implement and achieve our goals.

We will “amplify” ideas so you can optimize your approach to living and then experience the joy of a fulfilled life. This is so you can gain a crystal clear picture of what you WANT which will then in turn “drive” your life design.

The 6 Full Life Blog Themes:

BUSINESS: We will focus on what success means to YOU and how you can further enhance your career or business performance. In this competitive time of economic challenges and downsizing, as an executive, entrepreneur, or student, you will learn tips to avoid burnout, become more resilient, and achieve HIGH-ENERGY goals. You will also get practical tips and strategies for igniting and planning the “next phase” of your business or career.

BALANCE: Living a full life is about balance, which means that you have to pay attention to all or most of the key areas of your life. Using Full Life’s Spheres of Life® Coaching, we apply a matrix of 11 key spheres and make sure you are making desired progress in each area, without letting one area become dominant at the expense of others.

MOMENTUM: What allows us to get unstuck? How can you become a person who sees what’s next and JUMPS into the opportunity with full force? We will discuss the Full Life Achilles® Plan which gives you a method to advance your goals in an organized, energized, and incremental fashion.

POSSIBILITY: You will examine your vision of what lies ahead so you can build your ideal future. Also, how can communities and nations harness innovation in relationships and in technology to build a safer and healthier world?

HABITS: How addictions and bad habits, such as excessive use of alcohol or drugs, procrastinating, hoarding, spending, disorganization, and anything that takes away our time and functioning – actually inhibits progress in one’s life and career. We will not only look at how to overcome bad habits, but we will also explore how we can create positive habits that support us and the people in our lives.

LOVE: Whether single, dating, or in a relationship, we will examine love and how intimacy can be heightened in our lives. What are ways we can magnify our satisfaction in whatever state of love we find ourselves?


With the new Amplifier Blog experience, we hope that you will bring your perspectives into the conversation.

Your responses will be a crucial part of helping yourself and others learn and be more satisfied with life! Enjoy and as always we appreciate your interest and contributions.



When singles date they visualize being in a relationship while couples often picture being a better couple (or sometimes dream about being single). I read a terrific article on couple research in the New York Times Magazine on April 18th called: Is Marriage Good For Your Health? By: Tara Parker-Pope http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/18/magazine/18marriage-t.html.

For years, many have believed that being part of a couple is good for you, but this research article shows that couple health is actually a lot more complicated. It appears that the harmony some married couples experience, often has a positive effect on their health. Downward effects on the immune system are more likely to occur to newly single people after divorce, as well as to couples with high amounts of conflict. Now it appears that many long term single people are as healthy as the harmonic couples, because single people are getting a more accurate portrayal. I also like Gottman’s work elsewhere showing that couples saying “yes” to each other all the time tend to go on to be long term relationships. This makes sense. Most of us feel good with affirmation and connection.


Inspiration: Looking for love on Craigslist…in the furniture section

I always find it interesting that we can find inspiration in the strangest places. I was looking through the wedding announcement section in a recent New York Times when I read the story of Ms. Mary Ziegler and John Roberts III.

The unlikely meeting between the two, who now seem to share a real and steadfast bond, reminds us that in relationships we can never underestimate the power of blind chance. And of course, second-hand furniture.


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