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What do people say about the Spheres Coaching and Full Life Executive Coaching experience?

People say good things!“I believe in learning from mistakes and using that learning as a way to enhance the future. Coaching with Dr. Joe and his Spheres of Life method has given me the perfect framework to do just that. It has allowed me to prioritize all aspects of my life and my goals in order to focus on executing those things that will truly fulfill me.”

– Laura Taccini, Executive

“I am happy. Just two years ago I didn’t think I would be able to say and really mean those words. I smile each time I walk through the door.

– Sharon Wolf, Executive

“I thought I would answer a few questions, have some thought provoking discussions, and wham, I would be handed the answer. Dr. Siegler quickly disabused me of that notion. Instead he guided me through some difficult and often uncomfortable self-examination. Once I was able to develop the skills and cognition to work past the blockers of my ambition, I could finally acknowledge what my real goal was via his creative and unique career design process.”
– Troy Bienash, Executive

“Through Full Life, I’ve been able to increase my energy and reawaken my spirituality… I’m currently working on my career path options. The adventure continues.”

– Gavin Kirk, Executive

“Full Life allowed me to have a smooth and complete transition from being a full time dentist and mother of four to a household executive. I could not imagine attempting this without Dr. Siegler.”

– Jen Moran-Ferguson, DDS,
Water Tower Dental Care,
Mother of four

“I want to thank Dr. Siegler for the past five years. With his Spheres of Life Executive Coaching, he had a great effect on my self esteem and personal relationships. I am very happy we met.”

– Michael J. Ferro,

“This empowering approach to problem solving has taught me new ways to view myself and the world. I feel strong and confident and ready to go for my goals.”

– Laura Mahler,

“Now, with the fantastic coaching received from Dr. Siegler, I look at each day as a new challenge, a new opportunity to grow, and a new beginning on a road to a better life. Finding a career after I graduated was once an obstacle; now I have landed a fantastic job and have transformed this burden into an opportunity. What was once a deterrent is now an invitation for success.”

“Since coming to Full Life, I am starting to chip away at the challenging wall that has been in front of me for many years. I have learned to envision the future and create specific goals and steps to turn vision into reality. I consider it a privilege to participate in such a unique program.”

“I have goals and plans for the future and am on track to realizing a career path that I love. Working with a coach has given me a life to live that is full and getting richer every day.”

“There is a clarity of vision for my career and my relationship. I am learning to communicate from the heart and from a place of love and understanding rather than resentment and fear.”

“Full Life has dramatically changed my attitude, my self-confidence, and my life. Now, using the fantastic coaching I received, I look at each day as a new challenge, a new opportunity to grow, and a new beginning on a road to a better life.”


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