When singles date they visualize being in a relationship while couples often picture being a better couple (or sometimes dream about being single). I read a terrific article on couple research in the New York Times Magazine on April 18th called: Is Marriage Good For Your Health? By: Tara Parker-Pope

For years, many have believed that being part of a couple is good for you, but this research article shows that couple health is actually a lot more complicated. It appears that the harmony some married couples experience, often has a positive effect on their health. Downward effects on the immune system are more likely to occur to newly single people after divorce, as well as to couples with high amounts of conflict. Now it appears that many long term single people are as healthy as the harmonic couples, because single people are getting a more accurate portrayal. I also like Gottman’s work elsewhere showing that couples saying “yes” to each other all the time tend to go on to be long term relationships. This makes sense. Most of us feel good with affirmation and connection.


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