Dr. Siegler’s Book

In F.Y.T.: The Coaching Formula for Success, Joe Siegler, MD, introduces his dynamic coaching methods for peak performance and demonstrates how coaching delivers real results for your work and personal life.


“Finally, a new paradigm—that is refreshing, daring, cutting edge, and client-centric—that can yield the life and career you want. With Fire Your Therapist, Dr. Siegler ushers in a new era of self-improvement.”Josh Baran, author of The Tao of Now

The new and improved formula for organizational and personal success

“This is a terrific book about you achieving peak performance, better balance, and success that matters as you define it. Think of it as your own personal guide to getting from good to great in your life. Dr. Joe Siegler’s Fire Your Therapist actually does what many before have set out to accomplish—he provides a process you can use to assess what is missing in your life and then create strategies for achievement.”Stewart Emery, author of the international bestsellers Success Built To Last and Do You Matter

“Dr. Siegler possesses the qualities of the best catalysts for profound change: clarity, compassion, and the courage to see each client with brand new eyes. This book is the essential guide for finding your way through the confusing thicket of self-mastery options.”Raphael Cushnir, author of The One Thing Holding You Back and Surfing Your Inner Sea

“Dr. Siegler shares the client-centered, goal-directed philosophy of Solution Focused Therapy and broadens it. For those who want to make an educated choice about how to achieve the life they want, he anticipates and answers your questions in a comprehensive and affirming manner.”Eve Lipchik, co-developer of Solution Focused Therapy and author of Beyond Technique in Solution Focused Therapy

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