Full Life Heroes: Eddie Izzard

On Tuesday, British comedian Eddie Izzard completed his 43rd marathon in 51 days. Izzard undertook the amazing physical feat to raise ₤200,000 for the British Charity Sports Relief.

Izzard’s feat, remarkable not only because the 47-year entertainer only had five weeks of training before essentially running the length of the British Isles, also exhibits an incredible spirit of charity and community; Izzard updated well-wishers on his progress via Twitter, and found himself periodically joined by supportive co-runners on various legs of the run. Izzard also tweeted picturesque snapshots of the British countryside and towns he ran through, turning what could have been a solitary trial into a communal celebration of his home country (as well as Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland).

Izzards remarkable achievement has confounded many experts, and is a great example of what one can accomplish at any stage of life.

Could you see yourself running 43 marathons in over a month and a half?


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