Full Life Inspiration: Danyl Johnson on X Factor

I recently saw this clip of 27-year old Danyl Johnson, a contestant on Britain’s X Factor, whose audition Simon Cowell said was the best he had ever heard on the show. For those of you who know Simon, these are strong words.

I also find Danyl’s story and performance brilliant and inspiring. Watching Danyl perform, you can see the sheer joy he takes in pursuing his passion; it’s an infectious elation that transfers easily to the audience and to the judges.

The performance also exemplifies my belief that confidence begets confidence. Danyl obviously prepared incredibly well for this once-in-a-lifetime shot, but at the same time he does not forget to have fun on stage. Once the crowd responds so positively, he returns that positivity, and creates a rounded, energetic experience that is a world away from the usual, nervous audition.

I wish him well in his endeavors on the show, and hold him as an example that we should always keep striving to follow our true passions; hopefully with a little help from our friends.

What did you think of Danyl’s performance?


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