Full Life Inspiration: For Netflix, Organizational Greatness is No Stretch

In addition to coaching individuals and couples to great and successful lives, a great deal of my time is spending consulting organizations and businesses. As an organizational coach I’m fascinated with practical and often simple steps that businesses can take towards optimizing productivity and harnessing the power of innovation.

To that end I was impressed with this article in Tuesday’s Chicago Tribune which details how the company Netflix delivers tens of thousands of DVDs every day. What impressed me was not only the dedication to efficiency, detail, and innovation (as regards the latter, the company already has an eye on making its own business model obsolete) but also the regular exercise breaks taken by workers. As an entrepreneur myself, I appreciate the importance of taking simple but important steps to helping your employees succeed in every sphere of life, including the Body sphere.

How about your workplace? Are you doing enough to promote the wellness and longevity of yourself and your coworkers, while improving the bottom line?

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