Future Vision: An end to the age of aging

A recent article in the New York Times points to amazing strides forward in the field of aging; early tests seem to show that scientists are beginning to identify genes and possibly develop drugs that could one day drastically increase the lifespan of the average person.

While the basic science going on here is fascinating, I think we should think long and hard about the end purpose of some research. The idea of a longer, healthier life, is of course appealing on an individual life. But coaching teaches us to appreciate such changes holistically; what impact would a sudden extension of the human lifespan have on global resources. The 20th century has already seen the largest population increase in recorded history and the environmental and societal results of this-such as a scarcer resources, pollution, destruction of animal habitats- are an indisputable fact (while remaining a source of heated debate).

What are you feelings on the matter? Should the “holy grail” of living longer surpass all other considerations?


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