HBO In Treatment This Week: Gina

As tedious as the bickering between Gina and Paul is, I was excited to see Gina make the ever-common judgment of coaching as “giving advice” and as somehow less effective than the “amazing” methods of therapy. I find this to be a very common defense among therapists; to generalize and gloat over the supposed superficiality of coaching. Well, I have news for therapists who speak this way about coaching: you will soon realize that coaching offers so much more than therapy . Coaching is deep, it is comprehensive, it is affirming, it is creative, it is multidimensional; it offers so much more to a bright client than therapy. Just like a therapist’s makes interpretations and judgments about a client, a therapist judging coaching is simply more of the same. My book Fire Your Therapist -coming out July 6th and available for preorder on Amazon now- goes into to detail describing the value-added benefits of coaching for bright, normal people. will be launching this week; in the meantime, you can check out the FYT page on

It is reassuring that a show on therapy, however dated, at least had a brief conversation about coaching.


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