HBO’s In Treatment This Week: Gina

This week, Paul goes to his own therapist/supervisor. I realized what bugs me about his therapist (played by great actress Dianne Wiest); she is the traditional all knowing, wise, patronizing therapist while Paul takes on this whiny groveling-patient role. The myth of the therapist’s interpretations is that they are all-knowing. The show’s script is written so she can completely have Paul figured out and cause him to be dependent on her. She tells him only she possesses the “binoculars” to “see” him. This fosters a dependence and disempowerment of Paul. Why does Paul turn into this groveling sad guy as a patient while he is a gifted empowering therapist with his patients most of the time?

Coaching instead makes humble hypotheses at times and tests them. The coach facilitates the client achieving their vision and goals. When a coach is a client, he hopefully discovers the same humility in the supervisor to whom he turns to for coaching and supervision.

The one useful thing Gina points out is that love is the only way to get at death. So maybe she is pretty smart….


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