HBO’s In Treatment This Week: Mia

This week Paul plays the virtuoso role of the interpreting therapist. Mia barges into her session by pushing into his private kitchen and forcing her therapist to have breakfast with her. She reveals that she slept with two strange men and then did her father’s laundry when he came over to see her. Paul brilliantly weaves his theories of Mia seeking men who disappoint her dating back to her own father. Step by step the dialogue is written brilliantly with Mia admitting at the end that she really just wants someone to come home to.

Coaching would help Mia come to the same conclusion and then help her with dating skills to meet the right person. The emphasis on dating skills versus the therapist’s ego and interpretation are the issue here. It does not take rocket science to witness someone be self destructive. But it is a more humble gift to actively emphasize skill-building for Mia to open the real possibility of not being alone.


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