Hero: Steve Jobs, Tastemaker and Builder

With recent news that Steve Jobs of Apple is taking medical leave, it’s important to take stock of what the man has done. A New York Times article about his leave of absence reveals his diverse qualities and talents: leader, builder, tastemaker. The man built a company from the ground up and preserved his integral roll in developing the products that his company released. Steve Jobs has influenced the way we live and continues to grow an amazing legacy.

According to the NYT article, Jobs doesn’t base product cycles on consumer demand: he *creates* the consumer demand. “Mr. Jobs, by all accounts, relies on intuition and his own sense of taste, in decisions ranging from hiring to matters of product design.” He builds what he knows people need and want, even if people don’t yet know that they need and want it. And this philosophy has been extremely effective: Apple’s products and systems are streamlined, efficient, and elegant. The computers boot up in moments, the phones can multitask, and they usually bring joy to their users. This wouldn’t happen if Apple’s products were designed by committee to fit perceived market demands.

Steve Jobs has pioneered release of products that push the envelope of what is possible with new electronics. Before, Apple’s competitors had to compete with Apple. If you recall, consumer electronics were utilitarian, designed to fill a role, and not much else. But Apple has continually raised the bar for other companies.

Steve Jobs inspires the world. Jobs shows us that we ought not be constrained by our positions. The creativity and drive of one man has raised the level of creative design in our society.


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