Individual Coaching

Spheres offers individualized coaching

Spheres Individual Coaching is designed to raise your performance at work and in your personal life. Each person chooses modules, which are areas of concentration you would like to address in coaching.

Spheres individual coaching clients

Potential areas of concentration include:

  • Peak Performance and Productivity – Get unstuck and maximize your satisfaction, momentum, and output with peak performance coaching
  • Career/Outplacement– Next phase career planning and execution
  • Onboarding – Achieve peak performance in a new role
  • Business Partners – Potentiate synergy between partners
  • Focus, Task & Time Management – Make every minute count and manage ADD, if present
  • Leadership – Develop and bring your leadership development to the next level
  • Minority Empowerment – Release your power for achieving success
  • Entrepreneurialism – Channel your passions and creativity to design a new business with entrepreneur coaching
  • Burnout – Learn specialized techniques to prevent or manage burnout
  • International – Maximize success for both Americans working overseas or those here from other countries
  • Recovery – Maintain sobriety after treatment
  • Boundaries – Reduce behaviors that disrespect others
  • Transition and Loss – Face changes and discover unexpected joy
  • Relationship or Dating – Improve your relationship or hone your dating strategies
Spheres Coaching can aid you in accomplishing your key professional and personal objectives.



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