Jump-Start the New Year!

On your first day back from the holiday, apply the goals Elana Gross from Fast Company magazine suggests:


  1. Eat the Frog: Do the most important task first thing in the morning since you likely will have the most energy and motivation.


  1. Scan for Red Flags: Don’t get distracted from your priority goals. Many people are saying to avoid emails in the morning because the multitude will deplete your efficiency.  So, wait until afternoon or quickly scan for urgent things.


  1. Deploy your To-Do List: I say reorganize it the night before which will jump start your entire day. Laura Vanderkam says: Is it an important professional goal; Will it monetize your efforts; Will it lighten your “load”; or Is it urgent to complete today?


  1. Check in with Your Team: Greet your colleagues in the morning and don’t be a grumpy team member.


So, start the day with coffee and follow these basic goals as the new year kicks off!


Enjoy the New Year!




First Things You Should Do Every Workday

Fast Company Magazine, Your Most Productive Self, By Elana Gross, February 16, 2016


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