Launching Fire Your Therapist (FYT)

Hello all,

It looks like we have identified the venue for the book party on July 16 in Chicago. I will give you more details soon. It is going to be at a very cool hotel in all likelihood.

The challenge of the day/week/month/year is to develop a way to amplify the relationship of FYT and you. You will see my staff figure out how to integrate facebook/twitter/our blog/and our websites. Our FYT website ( will launch soon. For now check the Full Life Web site (

I am so excited to get the word out about FYT. It is vital for the world to move forward and not backward. This is the choice. If you look at the news, some are ashamed of our involvement in torture and others want it exposed. It is vital our country be a beacon for greatness; we must show the world how high our standard has become once again.

FYT will show you and others how to aim for greatness in your life. Hopefully this will spark enthusiasm and many will get interested in this quest.

Night all.

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