Launching the Fire Your Therapist book

It’s been over five years of working on my book, Fire Your Therapist, and I’ve decided to start sharing all of the stuff we have to get done in the final few months up to our launch date of July 6, 2009.

I wanted to share news and thoughts regarding all the pieces that have to come together so that we can have a successful book launch. Some of it is not that glamorous, so be prepared.

Last week, I finished editing what’s called the bound uncorrected galleys. For me writing is just hard work and takes hours of just sitting down and doing it, so I am very pleased when each step is achieved. This most recent set of edits was the last time I get to see the book before it’s published, and as you can imagine, as a first-time author this is a nerve-wracking time for me. Still I’m in good hands with my publisher, John Wiley, and I have a lot more to do before the launch, so maybe it’s for the best that it’s out of my hands for now.

We are beginning to plan the book launching party in July. I will tell you more about that as the time nears. Right now I am looking to partner with organizations who can help achieve a bigger party and book signing.

I am very excited about sharing this process with you, and I will have a lot more to tell you about in the weeks and months to come.


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