Leadership Wisdom in Long Term Relationships

The following tips on how to maintain a healthy long-term relationship are presented in this interesting article, and in another relevant TED talk from 2014, include:

  • Expect unpleasant change in the future of your relationship, so you can minimize any disappointment and then stay connected without feeling betrayed.
  • Expect to be pleasantly surprised many times by your partner and by life.
  • Gilbert’s research proves that much more change happens in every decade of life than most people expect.
  • When romantic feelings fade, don’t “follow them out the door.” Hopefully they will walk back in soon.
  • Never be afraid to impress each other.

Enjoy the day!


To Stay Married, Embrace Change by Ada Calhoun. The New York Times. April 21, 2017.

Gilbert, Daniel. TED talk, 2014, The Psychology of Your Future Self.

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