Millennials Weigh in on Parenting

More than 82% of children born each year are born to Millennial mothers. While they parent in greater numbers, Millennials are actually introducing parenting innovations. One mother developed an app for breastfeeding because many of the existing one’s were built by fathers.

Because of Google, Millennial parents feel overwhelmed by parenting, but at the same time they know more about development than prior generations.  However, they also feel harshly judged by others as they sometimes create social media profiles for their babies before or right after the birth.

A big change for Millennial couples is that young fathers regard being involved with their children as very positive masculine behavior.

Many Millennial parents don’t have much money so often turn to multiple jobs and frequently get financial assistance from parents.

Four in ten Millennials married since 2010 have a spouse who is from a different religious group. In addition, many Millennials decide not to practice their religion of birth.

Millennials believe they are having kids while everything is unsettled in their lives.  This is different than they had hoped.

What do you think of Millennials as a group?  What about as parents?


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Millennials Put Their Stamp on Parenting by Bruce Feiler

New York Times, This Life Column, November 5, 2017.

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