Peak Performance in Monogamous and Nonmonogamous Relationships

This article is a great overview of the many forms relationships take in America. The author deftly presents some of the ingredients for success commonly found in open relationships.

You may find you are uncomfortable reading this article because it contradicts some of your long-held beliefs. In any event, you may want to read it anyway because some of the ideas and results presented may be transferrable to any form of personal relationship. When satisfaction rises in a relationship, we often see a subsequent rise in engagement and productivity when an executive or professional is at work.

Some of the ingredients for success in an open relationship are described:

  • Honest discussions and frequent compromise
  • Secrets are best avoided
  • Agreed-upon parameters need to be in place
  • Harmony instead of disappointment and anger
  • Social and sexual compatibility
  • Religious beliefs need discussion
  • Listening is vital
  • Jealousy needs to be managed
  • Ongoing respectful negotiation

Think how you can raise the performance of your relationship in the next months. It does not require you to open up your relationship, but take a good look at the ingredients for success above for ideas.

Enjoy the day!


Article: Is an Open Marriage a Happier Marriage? by Susan Dominus. May 11, 2017, New York Times Magazine.

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