Procrastination: Catalyst of Creativity, or a Waste of Time?

In a past blog, I presented some upbeat evidence that procrastinators were more creative than people who finish tasks early, and were “masters of idleness,” as Jean O’Callaghan from the University of Roehampton in London offered. Recently, though, an actual procrastination conference met at DePaul University, nearby our executive coaching office. Sixty people from around the world attended.


The conference reported that 20% of the worldwide population chronically procrastinate, but was otherwise light on ideas that might be employed by those who constantly delay. Many researchers at the conference took up much more negative views towards the practice, not exactly hailing procrastination for its creative outcomes.


One coaching technique we have developed with our clients reporting delays – not mentioned at the conference – is to create tangible accountabilities, and to employ optimized task and time management skills in combating procrastination. What works for you to complete your goals or responsibilities?  If you experience inertia and distraction, do you ever reap creative benefits?

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What We Finally Got Around to Learning at the Procrastination Research Conference

By Heather Murphy, Science Section, New York Times, July 21, 2017

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