Recovery Support Coaching

Addiction, underperformance, and maladaptive behaviors can derail anyone’s career and personal life. When managing and achieving recovery, having access to the right resources can make all the difference.

While managing your recovery, you may face a number of problems when pursuing the following goals:

  • Successful return to work and personal life.
  • Consistently maintaining adaptive behavioral changes over time.
  • Sustaining and developing positive family and social relations.
  • Engaging in a regular wellness routine that increases energy and motivation.
  • Participating in a 12-step program with a sponsor, or equivalent program.

Spheres Coaching can provide you or someone you know (coworkers, family members, or friends) with additional support in order to maximize recovery and goal achievement while restoring self-confidence and activity in all aspects of work and life.



Positive outcomes are amplified by tracking metric goals over time. After coaching, we have witnessed proven success with compliant individuals reaching satisfactory or high levels of productivity in 95% of cases.

Coaching can provide result-driven individuals like you with the recovery support, or the aftercare option you need for lasting success.


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