Steps for Reducing Complexity in Organizations

Recently, unnecessary complexity has been increasingly cited as a key business challenge.1
Organizations can achieve improved productivity and synergy through implementing strategies focused on simplicity. While many managers may insist they lack the time to address it, a new article provides ideas for leaders to tackle their organization’s complexity problems “in their own areas, at their own pace, in their own ways.”

These ideas include:

  1. Analyze and eliminate time wasters.
  2. “Declutter” your systems.
  3. Focus on the needs of your customers and implement strategies that will allow you to connect with them more effectively.
  4. Continually reassess priorities.
  5. Maximize efficiency by eliminating excess steps in work tasks.
  6. Reduce levels of management and micromanaging others.
  7. Delegate.
  8. And the last and most important step – repeat the above steps frequently!





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