Welcome to my first blog.  As you can see, our re-vamped Web site is up and running. We are excited about the new look and functionality of our site, and in particular the Amplifier blog, which we plan to update regularly with thoughts and comments from all of our Full Life staff and associates. We hope that our readers, friends, and clients will find these updates useful and illuminating.

My topic today is about taking responsibility.  Coaching invites clients to take responsibility for turning their vision into reality, and now, more than ever, we need to take responsibility for the quality and direction of our lives. With the current global financial crisis,  it may feel like we are all boats tossed on the swell of a turbulent  economic sea. However,  we can all take practical steps in steering our individual vessels toward shore:

We can find simple ways to cut back expenses, and we can have fun doing it.

We can refuse to give in to panic and despondency, and put our minds into a place of action.

We can tighten the purse strings without cutting off our joy and happiness.

We can remain creative, optimistic, and purposeful when it comes to career and money-making opportunities.

We can continue to enjoy life, and focus on the things that are within our power to change.

While it may seems that we are often in the sway of larger forces beyond our control, ultimately we each have the personal responsibility – and opportunity – to rise to the challenges in our lives.  Right now, I invite each of you to take greater responsibility for overcoming an obstacle in your life. Write it down and do a great job getting it done!

Warm regards,

Joe Siegler

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