SELF Magazine for May is on the shelves: Giving a counselor the pink slip

It’s a challenging task to figure out if your therapy is not working. Assessing whether to move on is difficult because often the counseling was helpful in the past, but for different reasons, it no longer feels like a good match.

In SELF Magazine (May 2010) this month I am quoted twice on page 175 in the “Get Happier Guide” on how to ‘move on’ if YOU think it is time.

“Gauge your progress. After three months, think back to the original reason you started seeing a counselor and assess whether you are closer to reaching your initial goals, says Joe Siegler, M.D., a psychiatrist, coach and author of Fire Your Therapist (Wiley). You can’t expect changes overnight, but that’s enough time to notice progress. “After every session, you should ask yourself if you are getting results,” Dr. Siegler says.

“Make a clean break. When you decide you’re ready to wrap up, it’s best to be direct, gracious and final. You may be tempted to disappear, but don’t just stop showing up,’ Dr. Siegler advises. “Try saying, ‘I appreciate all the work you’ve done and I thank you for it, but now it’s time for me to move on.'”

What do you think?

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