Show Up When You Say You Will

Show Up When You Say You Will

People are cancelling or breaking social commitments easier than ever before. In the New York Times, writer David Brooks categorizes the different forms that “bailing” has taken in the digital age.  One can bail on their close friends (possibly the most acceptable group to bail on), their fragile friends, their distant friends, or their professional connections (usually the least acceptable). The author  admits that he himself, does this frequently.

Is this really OK?

Of course it isn’t.

Wisdom regarding commitments can be found in dating and human resources. Daters often consider dropping someone who is markedly late or entirely misses the first date.  When companies hire, if one is late for the first interview, employers will usually lose interest in an applicant as well.

So be respectful, be empathic, listen well, and look forward to your meeting or plans.  If you no-show, you risk ruminating in bed that very night out of guilt and then getting up the next morning to pen a newspaper column like the author apparently did to justify his “bail.”

In short, simply show up.

Enjoy the day!




The Golden Age of Bailing. David Brooks. New York Times. July 7, 2017.

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