Spheres of Life: Community. Lending a Hand in Hard Times.

I was moved by this piece I read in last week’s Chicago Tribune that dealt with some of the hardships being endured by families around the city. While the country may be out of a recession officially, some economists predict that the unemployment rate will hover around ten percent for some time to come, resulting in a much diminished quality of life for many, many families. With widespread economic stagnation, how are families to survive such devastating changes in circumstance?

I believe that one vital response to this new situation is the involvement of communities. The compassionate and fervent aid supplied by numerous individuals during the Hurricane Katrina crisis (in some cases, more immediate and effective than that provided by the government) provides a model that we can continue to follow. Now is not the time to look after number one; a rising tide lifts all boats, and if the economy is to recover its former strength, it will not do so if the nation’s workforce is allowed to become destitute and despondent. Hopefully we will witness an increase in compassion and service in these hard times; with volunteer efforts like Habitat for Humanity, food pantries, religious congregations’ activities, government initiatives, clothing drives and so on, that will remind our neighbors that this difficult period not be one they must endure on their own, but as part of a greater whole.

Coaching is draw to ways in which people can help and be active in their communities; what are some of your ideas?


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