Spheres of Life: Fun. Busting Stress for Less

According to a recent report by the American Psychological Association, Chicagoans are more stressed out than they were last year, but are handling the stress more responsibly. So while the denizens of the Windy City are increasingly worried about money and dissatisfied with their jobs, there has not been a commensurate increase in drinking, gambling, or other bad habits to alleviate this stress.

While it appears that Chicagoans are becoming increasingly resilient in these hard times, coaching teaches us that resilience alone does not lead to a fulfilling life. It is in times such as these that it is important to embrace the Fun sphere; to find ways to be good to ourselves that are not counterproductive. Friends and family are key at times like these. In lean times, loved ones can help us discover numerous ways to enjoy ourselves and blow off a little steam without blowing a lot of cash.

Do you have any ideas for cost-effective, healthy ways of having Fun in harder times?


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