Spheres of Life – Money: Annie Liebovitz

Like many people, I was amazed to hear of the extent of Annie Liebovitz’s recent financial woes.

Liebovitz, a feted, world-famous photographer whose name is synonymous with high fashion, celebrity, and the height of New York glitterati, has apparently fallen on hard times. When one reads of her various high profile contracts and lucrative day rates, it seems impossible that she would ever find herself short of funds.

However, Liebovitz’s story reminds us of the importance of balancing all the Spheres of Life. While she is no doubt a brilliant artist-she is responsible for some of the most iconic images of celebrities in the 20th century-it is clear that anyone can be hit with hard times in this economy. Appointing a financial advisor that one can trust, and also meet with regularly, is a necessity in these challenging times.

What advice would you give to Ms. Liebovitz?


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