Streaming Music and Peak Performance

Instead of discussing the New Year’s resolution you may already be struggling with (we will get to that another time), I have decided to write the first leadership blog about one of the most amazing innovations in music to ever occur: streaming applications like Spotify, Apple Music, Rhapsody, and others.
Streaming music motivates, energizes, soothes, excites, and captivates.  One can listen to it in their car, house, workplace, or gym.  Before recent years, music was largely limited to one’s personal collection and the radio.  In the past few years, streaming music applications appeared, which allowed immediate and even cost-free access to virtually any recording ever made. For a small monthly fee, commercial-free listening became possible as well.
Here is an example of how streaming works: You can read about the passing of David Bowie in this week’s news. Then with a few clicks, within seconds, you can find David Bowie, then the latest album, Blackstar, and immediately the music starts to play.  Incredibly, this great prolific artist completed Blackstar, which was released near the day of his passing. At another time, you might have a yearning to hear the Doors album, Morrison Hotel, or a new DJ from Spain who you read about. You will also discover new favorites as the app recommends artists you might enjoy. In one quick stroke, streaming has made owning individual files of music practically irrelevant for the average person.
Music is clearly one of the greatest pleasures of life for many people.  Listening enhances joy, efficiency, focus, positivity, and even spiritual connection. It reduces pain and grief.  If you haven’t yet, try looking up one of your favorite artists from years ago or from recent months and listen during a workout. See the affect it has on your energy and attitude, whether it be pop or classical.
You may find that you listen to more music than ever before because of its easy immediate access. Streaming music can be utilized in waking up in the morning as well as optimizing peak performance.  Music adds meaning to life.



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