Talk to Yourself! (Seriously.)

Talking out loud to yourself may not be as strange as others frequently judge it to be.  In fact, it’s a way of getting some distance from ourselves and reflecting.  Researchers claim that positive, motivational, and instructional self-talk can actually help achieve peak-performance.

Basketball players pass the ball faster when they motivate with spoken self-talk. And evidence shows that when you say “you can do it,” you are more prone to actually “do it.” Even unspoken self-talk can be effective.

While unspoken self-talk is easier to pull off if you’re around others, researchers are beginning to establish the idea that actually hearing words from yourself – out loud – might be more motivating.

But talking out loud at the grocery?  Someone might call the store manager!

So, will you start talking to yourself more often?

Enjoy the day!


SelfTalk picArticle:

The Benefits of Talking to Yourself. Kristin Wong. June 8, 2017. New York Times.

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