The Costs of Home-Based Work

Yes, home-based work is sometimes terrific, but sometimes it’s not.  Some of the ways it can go wrong include:


  • Disconnection from the on-site team because of an excess of texting and emailing at the expense of face to face communication and socialization.
  • It’s easy for a supervisor to devalue your contributions.


If you work from home, here are some things that may make it function more optimally:


  • Ask your team leader to say or write what they expect from you.
  • Pay attention to how the company talks about its remote workers to help you figure out your future in your current role or in joining an on-site team.
  • Make direct contact with people as much as possible by telephone or video at the least.
  • Attend any meetings or social events that will expose you to on-site team members.


So, would you ever consider a remote role?

Enjoy the day.


Based at Home, and Excluded in the Office

By Rob Walker, New York Times, The Workologist, January 21, 2018.

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