The New Collaborative Office Space

A recent business trend has been towards more collaboration among colleagues, and a recent New York Times article “Office Work Space Is Shrinking, but That’s Not All Bad” explores this trend’s effect on the size of work spaces. As companies seek to cut unnecessary spending, they move into smaller office spaces, and one positive result is that fewer walls are present between employees, and space limitations require more shared tables and fewer desks. As a result, the new office atmosphere is much more collaborative, with employees being less tied to their respective desks, and more free to move about and work with others. It’s a very interesting example of innovation resulting from other needs.

This new office atmosphere is much better, both for productivity and aesthetics. Not only will employees be more willing and able to collaborate effectively, but the death of ugly cubicles is a welcome change and makes the office a more warm place to work. Even though the impetus is to cut space and expenses, the shared open spaces can look like modern French cafés with wifi and shared large tables and sitting areas. The atmosphere is more social, less isolating, and fosters connection and communication on projects across departments.

Some additional things to consider:

  • If it’s needed, is there some private space for employees to use temporarily?
  • Similarly, do the employees have private spaces to keep their files, notes, and office supplies?
  • Does the WiFi work easily with different laptops?

The end of cubicles would be a great thing for all concerned. The new office environment is collaborative and interactive, and the new office space should reflect this movement.

What are your thoughts?


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