The Right Way to Say ‘I’m Sorry’

Article: The Right Way to Say ‘I’m Sorry’ by Jane E. Brody

A clean apology without excuses can optimize your relationships at work and in life. When relationships are strained, sometimes an effective apology can be the first step toward healing. This is true for relationships that involve customer service, team relationships, bosses, patients, family members, and friends. The article’s author states that: “an apology is less about me than the person who, for whatever reason, is offended by something I said or did or failed to do, regardless of my intentions”. In addition to achieving greater harmony or attempting to restore failed relationships, a clean apology is a vital life and business skill. The best apologies are short, nor do they include a request for forgiveness. The person apologizing should not interrupt or correct facts as they speak. There is some evidence that apologizing actually improves the respective wellness of the apologizer as well as the recipient.



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