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Courageous Students Who Gave their Lives in Germany 75 years Ago This Week

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In the summer of 1942, the group known as the “White Rose” stood up to the Nazi regime and worked to expose the atrocities of Hitler. These were students who distributed leaflets informing of the lies being told to the German people by the regime. Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie grew up near Munich and were the founders of the group. Tragically, the students were arrested and executed. They died trying to educate others about the truth of what was happening.  We honor their important contribution on this anniversary.

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Remembering the White Rose

By Richard Hurowitz, New York Times, Op-Ed, February 22, 2018.

High Protein Combined with Weight Lifting Builds Muscle

Legend had it that everyone will lose muscle after age 40.  However, there is good news for all: Research confirms that weight training results are amplified by boosting protein intake in those of all ages. Increasing one’s protein intake can produce a gain of an extra 10% of strength and about 25% in mass. There was no significance to whether the supplement was taken before, during, or after the workout.

So, the type of protein supplement is not important: Protein can be a solid or a liquid, soy, beef, vegan, meats, cheeses, protein drinks, avocados, quinoa or any other form. Try one form you like and work out with weights at least 2 times per week. Take baseline measurements and enjoy the metric results as you build muscle going forward.  Make sure you pay attention to form and use smaller weights with fewer repetitions per set allowing you to minimize the chance of injury. Consult with a trainer if you need assistance in setting up a healthy workout for you.


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Pump Iron and Eat More Protein

By Gretchen Reynolds, New York Times, Well column, Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Boomers are Drinking More than Past Generations

Troubling research reveals that older people are engaged in “high-risk” drinking more than ever – jumping 65 percent in a decade.  Alcohol use disorders also have doubled over the past decade.

What explains this increase in drinking and associated problems?  No one is sure, but these are possible explanations:

  • People in their 50’s and 60’s are in better shape than in past generations so they are continuing their drinking habits from earlier years. However, two drinks may cause greater impairment in a 70-year-old than a 50-year-old.
  • Alcohol can also worsen hypertension, heart disease, stroke, falls, liver cirrhosis, driving performance and other issues. These problems have gone up in older Americans.
  • Frequent lack of primary care screening for alcohol and sexually transmitted diseases in this age group.
  • After experiencing financial loss from being scammed on the phone or internet, people will often drink more because of the hardship and shame resulting from theft.
  • Metrics reveal that older adults are more likely than younger to remain in treatment and recovery – however, there is a problem getting them into treatment. If a post-hospital rehab program offers addiction treatment, it is highly successful for most older participants. Usually, older adults reveal no relapses during the first 30 days after treatment and half continue their recovery program in the form of 12-step and/or therapy.

The good news is that boomers do well in substance abuse treatment, but this depends on their physicians, loved ones, and friends looking for signs of drinking.

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Alcohol Abuse Among Older Americans Is Rising

By Paula Span, New York Times, Well, September 19, 2017

The Costs of Home-Based Work

Yes, home-based work is sometimes terrific, but sometimes it’s not.  Some of the ways it can go wrong include:


  • Disconnection from the on-site team because of an excess of texting and emailing at the expense of face to face communication and socialization.
  • It’s easy for a supervisor to devalue your contributions.


If you work from home, here are some things that may make it function more optimally:


  • Ask your team leader to say or write what they expect from you.
  • Pay attention to how the company talks about its remote workers to help you figure out your future in your current role or in joining an on-site team.
  • Make direct contact with people as much as possible by telephone or video at the least.
  • Attend any meetings or social events that will expose you to on-site team members.


So, would you ever consider a remote role?

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Based at Home, and Excluded in the Office

By Rob Walker, New York Times, The Workologist, January 21, 2018.

A Hero for Self and Many Others

This Op-Ed is written by an amazing leader.  Rachel Denhollander’s words speak for themselves.


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“The Price I Paid for Taking On Larry Nassar.” By Rachael Denhollander. The New York Times, Op-Ed Contributor, Sunday Review, January 26, 2018

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