Utilizing Positive Motivation of Leaders to Achieve Change

(Tags: Leadership, Performance)

Positivity may, in fact, be much more effective in increasing executive motivation than shaming.  My blog last Thursday discussed findings by Satel and Lillienfeld regarding how shaming can at times increase motivation.  The authors defined shame as the feeling that one has failed to live up to their own standards.  Miriam-Webster defines shame a little differently: “a painful emotion caused by a consciousness of guilt, shortcoming, or impropriety”, which is closer to my definition: a feeling of being less than others. The authors’ definition of shame is actually a light form of shaming because telling someone “you may be disappointing yourself” can be experienced as more empathic than shaming. The fact is that the coaching and recovery fields have veered away from shaming because of research showing positivity is more effective in achieving change.




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