Wearing Recovery Like a Proud Badge of Honor

23 million people are currently in recovery. Fay Zenoff, executive director of the Center for Open Recovery, a Bay Area nonprofit, is promoting a radical idea – that people in recovery could be open and then can actually be of greater assistance to those still suffering from the disease.

President Trump’s opioid commission during the past month suggested that the government battle addiction by linking with private and nonprofit groups on a national media campaign similar to those launched years ago during the AIDs crisis.

The need has never been greater. 21 million Americans suffer from substance abuse. An average of 175 people die from overdoses every day.

Zenoff suggests people simply say, “I’m in recovery.”

One in three American households have a family member in active addiction or lost to recovery. Very few families are spared.

What are your thoughts about reducing the stigma of addictions and fostering recovery?


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Let’s Open Up About Addiction and Recovery by Laura Hilgers

New York Times, Opinion Column, November 5, 2017.

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