Why Fiber?

Foods high in fiber have significant health and wellness benefits such as longevity and reduced rates of inflammation, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.  Fruits and vegetables can provide vital health benefits stemming from their high fiber makeup.

Fiber actually feeds helpful bacteria in your colon. On the other hand, research reveals that a high fat, low fiber diet reduces helpful gut bacteria ten-fold. Mice with this diet put on weight and developed higher blood sugar levels. Research also shows that with the low fiber diet, intestinal walls get too thin to protect the good bacteria.

Dr. Justin L. Sonnenburg says that a low-fiber diet can cause inflammation throughout the entire body. So, increasing fiber may treat diseases like inflammatory bowel disease.

Additionally, eating multiple forms of fiber has far greater health benefits than eating one or two types. Walnuts, for example, are a great source of fiber, but they should be ingested with other fruits and vegetables.

Raising one’s intake of fiber isn’t a high price to pay for greater wellness. You might even enjoy it!


How will you modify your eating habits?

Enjoy the day.



Fiber is Good for You.  Now Scientists May Know Why.

By Carl Zimmer, New York Times, Science, January 1, 2018



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